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Saturday, January 19, 2019
M&Min' For Jesus!

-Parenting and Family Helps


I think we would all agree on this statement:  I want my child/children to grow up making the right choices.  Right choices lead to right character.  As Christians, one of God sanctioned purposes is to grow more and more in our likeness to Christ Jesus!  In the ebb and flow of life, this growth into Christ likeness happens most often when we make choices that please God.  Life is all about developing character, and it all begins with the making of good choices. Here's a practical might want to download a copy of this and put one on the 'frig door, or on the mirror where you kids look at themselves ever morning and evening....just make them aware of Right Choices...hope this helps in your efforts to help your kids make right choices...whatever you do never....never...never give up!

 The Personal Test:  Will doing this this thing bring me closer to Jesus?

The Practical Test:   Will doing it bring good results?

The Social Test:  Will doing it help others be more like Jesus?

The Universal Test:  What would the world be like if everyone did it?

The Scriptural Test:  Does the Bible clearly label it wrong?

The Stewardship Test:  Is it a waste of God's talents invested in me?

The Missionary Test:  Will doing it help others see Jesus in me?

The Character Test:  Will it make my character more like Jesus?

The Publicity Testy:  Would I want my friends to know about it?

The Common Sense Test:  Does it show everyday smarts?

The Family Test:  Will it make my family look bad?

 Other Places to Look for Encouragement and Answers

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Whatever you do, don't give up...All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes...Trust Him...He can!





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